Just Add Water Backpacking Meals

Just Add Water Backpacking Meals

One taste and you'll know why ZopMeals are a top choice for camping food.

Just Add Water

Just Add Water

ZopMeals can be cooked in a moment anywhere, anytime. Just add hot water and you're ready to enjoy a satisfying, home-cooked meal without any preparation work.



We use natural and healthy ingredients, we take care of the nutrition and the quality of each one of our meals.
We do not use artificial additives, all our ingredients are of ecological and sustainable origin.

Right Energy

Right Energy

We believe that good nutrition is a fundamental part of outdoor activities.That's why we work very hard and responsibly to offer you meals with everything you need to face a great day of adventure.

Exclusive Features

Our meals are healthy, lightweight and easy to prepare. And of course at a nice price.

Eating Like At Home

Our meals are designed for outdoor activities. So that you can enjoy nature without carrying the kitchen in your backpack. The packaged servings help keep you light with minimal waste.

Tasty And Healthy

We work hard to keep our meals healthy and tasty at the same time.

Exclusive Products

We put to your reach the products most used to prepare our meals.

We're listening.
The best way to recover energy for

Please send us any comments, suggestions or questions about our products, nutrition or sales. We will answer you as soon as possible and we thank you for considering us.

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